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Sub Rosa is excited to be partnering with Liquidwrap, the most innovative form of paint change and protection in the automotive world.

The time for printing off and cutting out sticky vinyl has been and gone, Liquidwrap is redefining the process by using a ground-breaking new polymer technology. By using new cutting-edge techniques with their own unique brand patent, they are redefining the realms of possibility within the vehicle customization and protection world. Not only is it applied using the same methods as factory paint, but Liquidwrap’s heat resistant polymer technology can also be detailed to a far superior finish, whilst being fully removable.

Liquidwrap’s Core Values

  • Liquidwrap is a forward thinking dynamic, premium brand
  • Innovation and evolution are central to everything we do.
  • Liquidwrap stands for more than a product, we are a movement: we encourage an immersive and engaging culture that’s conducive to creativity and innovation.
  • We are driven by a passion for premium performance, service and results.
  • Liquidwrap aspires to continually redefine conventions and push the limits of what’s possible. A distinct, eye-catching identity.


Liquidwrap’s patented product line offers seamless protection which fully removable, offering three distinct services which…

Protect: Seamless paint protection (protecting from stone chips scratches UV damage and more…) Applied in matt, satin or a gloss finish that can be detailed and removed.

Transform: A colour match technology providing a limitless palette which can be finished in a matt, satin or gloss.

Create: Bespoke designs offering clients full create freedom from painted liveries to detailed works of art.


How long did it take to develop the product?

Liquidwrap started development in 2008 building the product and brand into a premium protective coating system with limitless applications and superior finishes, our patented formula is in constant development to ensure that Liquidwrap remains at the forefront of the premium protection and customisation market.

Where did the inspiration come from?

We understood the importance of developing a protective removable coating with a finish which surpasses factory OEM paint. Being able to offer our clients full creative freedom excites us and drives us to this day.

Why Liquidwrap and not Vinyl wrap?

Apart from the obvious limitations you have when working with vinyl, for us it will always come down to two critical differences, application and finish.

To make a flat vinyl sheet conform to complex curves and panel lines you have to manipulate and stretch using heat, plastic tooling and blades for which the potential for damage is too high in installation and removal.

At Liquidwrap we mask off the areas that do not require protection or colour change, our Liquidwrap products are then applied without hands or tools making contact. Once the application process is complete we simply de-mask the car. it’s an extremely clean and safe process which is crucial.

Vinyl simply can’t replicate the depth, shine and quality of finish that we can achieve with our Liquidwrap product line. The question should really be why Liquidwrap and not paint as our goal from day one was to achieve a finish that surpasses factory OEM (paint) and we’re extremely proud to say we have achieved our goal.

What other ways can Liquidwrap be used?

Liquidwrap’s polymer technology can be applied to virtually any surface. With its heat resistant quality, it’s giving us exciting opportunities to enter into F1, Aviation and Marine.

What does the future look like for Liquidwrap?

We will continue to develop and create! Building exciting brand partnerships with forward-thinking design and a commitment to excellence, Liquidwrap is positioned to do incredible things in the automotive industry.


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