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The Sub Rosa Alpine Trial
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The Sub Rosa Alpine Trial

Join us as we take on this iconic Alpine driving route.

Sub Rosa Global invites you on this six-day Grand Tour based on the historic ‘Alpine Trial’. A route steeped in motoring heritage, the Trial was first established in 1910 by the Imperial Royal Austrian Automobile Club as a test of car and driver endurance.

Its popularity soon transcended central Europe, it’s motoring elite transfixed with the 1800 miles of stunning scenery and epic sweeping roads that traversed the heart of the Alps… the ultimate test of man and machine.

In 1913 a team from Rolls-Royce were the first to successfully complete the challenge, leading a pack of the most famous names in motoring, including Bugatti, Austro-Daimler, Fiat, Benz, Mercedes, Puch and Audi.

So, is your car Alpine ready?

Whether in a classic model, or a modern-day hypercar, Sub Rosa invites you to experience 6 nights of unbeatable scenery and luxury accommodation. Our adventure begins at the Trial’s iconic start line in Vienna, journeying through 2000 km of magnificent driving to our finish line in the Italian lakes.

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